Working with the 0.01%

February 12th, 2019

Some simple insights to help you get along.

The main purpose of this piece is to build some kind of bridge between the different groups of people now splitting apart. To show the truths I’ve seen & see how that compares.

Establishing Credibility

Hello World, I have been building tech things forever & it is time for me to say a few things to anyone who cares to hear them.

First, I guess I should explain why I may even be worth reading & establish a little credibility. We can also shake off surface readers with some exposition before the main course & by dessert it will be just the committed.

I went to the same schools as a few of some of the most recognizable/powerful people in the world (more recognizable than anyone to be mentioned in this piece). I don’t know or am not connected to them but I had the same education & experience to some degree, I guess.

I also went to schools where kids stabbed teachers & burnt down buildings, with gang fights weekly. Others in-between too.

I have worked with top level (1% or .01% of their industry) in many industries, under many guises, in many places. I’ll do the founder’s work as the founder so the founder can work, if you know what I mean. You do.

I’ll be the CEO, CTO, CIO, CDO, COO, CCO, C3PO, CSS, SEO, SMO, PM, BPM, CPM, ROI or train who you need. I’ll drive, carry trash, paint walls, write, dance, saw, drill or do whatever. I don’t generally work with management so I don’t deal with much in terms of office politics or egos. I am hands on. Most areas.

1% Experience

I am the voice, code, text, pics, videos, design, dev, idea, plans & council of that artist, owner, founder, CEO, celeb, studio, agency, thought leader, etc. My words are in many presses, my speeches appear on stages, my designs are indirectly ‘lauded’, my art is on walls, my thoughts expressed by others. My sites get millions of uniques & my apps rate well at scale. I work with specialists to fill the gaps. It can be as small as a few words or as long as multi-year sprints.

My proudest work is helping save or change lives. ROWAN would be an example of that. Kelsey is the closest I get to admiring someone outside my circle because she does it all with positive hustle in spite of what my industry does to her & them. This is what a real 1% looks like. It costs me a fortune, but is worth all the money in the world.

Financially, I generally work with the ultra wealthy & the ultra poor, with some middle-ground in between. I don’t usually work directly for large companies & organizations. The boss/CEO/founder/someone will hear a story about me & bring me in to do what they need. It can be different to what they contact me for.

Life & Death

My full portfolio would be the envy of many agencies & includes exclusive meetings, advising founders, fast cars, limos, tall buildings, nightclubs, parties, celebs, games, video, apps. The works. You will recognize many of the things & people I will mention.

I don’t maintain a large rolodex, or ‘reach out’ to keep the bridge warm, suck up, ‘syngergize’ or any of that. People mostly reach out. I don’t ‘service’ people.

If you read my email or chat or whatever you’d barely find a message. If you looked through my house, you might find a couple of photos in a drawer, but that’s about it. My website sits dormant for years. You would also not think I was into tech. As you wouldn’t from my social media/profile or whatever. I can be ‘sources say’.

My personal brand is lazyweb quiet so it goes unnoticed amongst the stars but I have never hidden or anything like that. In Gremlins, I’d be the little store with the Mogwai surrounded by shiny giants.

I keep a quiet place where I can focus & study my crafts. I learn from Swiss watchmakers. I live as far away from ‘it’ as it is. I belong to no organizations except my own & no rockstar messages me on my birthday. I walk pretty much alone. Other than working for/on high level stuff, there is nothing unusual about me at all really. I was early & have paid a lot of attention.

Most of my time is spent fighting death on different levels so the work highlights are often pyrrhic victories that others would have enjoyed more. More on this later.

Go Deeper

I haven’t posted in over a decade about technology, until this year. There are a couple of CSS pieces & stuff, but nothing of note. Instead I watch & learn while working. I am always publishing hard, just not ‘as me’. I don’t bother with backchannels, clubs or lists of any kind. I’ve seen them. I don’t participate in ‘the conversation’. Until this year. I’m not a nerd, I’m happy face to face.

I’ve never taken funding, I keep it simple, follow DHH principles, know why Zach prefers the outdoors & have index crypto spread offline, airgap buried for hodl.

I learned SEO from studying Shawn (sites/tools), Matts (3x) & the {B&W} SEOs of that era. They are more impressive with historical context then I understood at the time. They are responsible for now. There is a large pool of talent, I have sent many work before, though they probably don’t know. They probably wouldn’t answer me if I DM’d them. They never follow me (no coolness factor, no info delivery), we used to chat. This is a running theme. I may drill-down in a different post.

As a note; Shawn fixed my little old site once, for free, while extremely busy. That’s not evil behavior/mindset (lifts up are rarely performed by bad people). I don’t buy what I read happened but I am too far away to see clear. Shawn was better then than I am now. I kept an occasional eye from afar & he seemed to handle his thing well. I once offered him pocket change to partner on a project (I had one day of his rev probably), because I am an idiot. He is not. His tools helped me level up against West Coast players & they can be a lot of fun. He is a 1% in a few areas.

Anyone that has met me knows I am pretty direct, colorful & to the/on point. So I am going to address these issues like few can, having seen it from all sides.

Enough about me. At least for now.


With Purpose, Power & Wealth

The main intention of this first post is to talk to a small number of *actually* influential people while showing anyone who wants to learn, a more real route to your goals so it doesn’t take you a lifetime to learn what you need to. Not the one sold every day (get links/go viral/tweet a lot/hustle blah blah).

The people I am speaking directly to are probably aware of the mounting voices & increasingly threatening tone towards them of “Tax them at 70%/80%/90%/110%”. “Eat the rich”. “Rich people are evil”. “All billionaires are bad” and on. These are not new sentiments, they rise & fall from time to time. Sometimes justified. Always broad.

Many of these people could ‘crush’ me, my family & scatter me to the winds. However, from my experience, that’s not what is going to happen. When I refer to a person, I generally mean a family/a name/a group rather than just an individual for the most part.

By now I expect a few nerves tingling reading this, but want to keep expectations from climbing too high. It is not particularly edgy or salacious stuff. You need Enty Lawyer for that. I have made a lot of people money, helped good causes & had fun doing so. It’s mostly good.

What is Rich?

It is not a set amount of money. Having a high net worth in a risky company but nothing to live for is not rich. It’s potential failure.

The examples of rich I am going to use are all the “richest on earth”. Even that rich has layers of wealth to it. A class system within a class system. I am not talking about Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg level. The are the richest of the richest on earth. I am referring to the “generally” rich. 50 millionaires, hundred millionaires, billionaires.

I am not rich but there is not much I want either. Bigger cars, bigger rooms, bigger things & places don’t interest me. Only better experiences, uses of my time & being around people I deeply like. I spend most of my money on work like Kelsey’s.


Eat the Rich?

The level of “Eat the Rich”, “Capitalism Kills” rhetoric is as loud as I have heard in a while. Almost every single tech or news source I read has become a stream of mis-informed political opinion (busy people missing detail) & mostly left-wing talking points or right-wing counter points. I don’t believe in left-right, or black-white. It’s not even that I don’t believe, it’s that you can do what you want as long as you don’t start telling me what I have to do or harming others. I treat each person individually, mostly based on their behavior. People rarely know my color/race/gender/politics early on. They do assume. It’s not important.

Information & technology should be available to everyone but everyones information should not be available to everyone else. I have seen the numbers, the traffic, the searches & there are a lot of strange people out there. Anyone casting stones & screaming loud is the first person to look at. Imagine your plumber not coming because of your politics or electricity switched off for left-wing only. This is how info-tech should be. It is air/water/electricity.

This manipulated hysteria is coming from specific places. Some honest, some not. Overall, the problem is that the information architecture of the Internet is kind of broken, gatekept, disorganized & consolidated. Decentralization has been replaced with centralization, along with increasing attacks on said gatekeepers.

There is another force at play too. For the first time in history, information is designing the system rather than the system designing the information. This is drastic, non-obvious change.

I have written about this stuff or made things in various places about these topics for many years. They exist if you know where to look, it’s not on my site.


It’s Lunch Time

So let’s eat some rich. I am going to do what I don’t normally do & reveal a few details. I generally don’t but this is appropriate & it will show you how it will taste if you get your wishes. Also, nothing too personal as that is not what this is about.

Stay Tuned

Oh, there’s more coming, it will be right here in this piece, but why not take it sloooow? It’s opposite-land ’round these parts.

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