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A non-profit division of The Annenberg Foundation.

Work Performed

Consumer remote cam system for mobiles.

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Active 2012-2018

The Explore.org app suite includes iOS, Android and Apple TV. Averaging a 4.3 rating over hundreds of thousands of installs, these livestreaming apps entertain users worldwide every day.

Products and Services Delivered

  • Native iPhone and iPad app (v1.1 – v5.4)
  • Native Android mobile and tablet app (v1.1 – v5.4)
  • Apple TV app (v1.0 – v2.2)
  • Remote Cam System (internal)
  • Graphic, visual and icon design
  • Content creation and asset selection
  • ASO and SEO Consulting
  • UI/UX
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Pearls of the Planet

Available from the Apple TV app store.

Explore.org for Apple TV
Explore.org logo
“I love the TV app, we have it streaming in our office.”
Charlie Annenberg, founder


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Charlie Annenberg discusses Explore.org.


They needed an app that could stream a variety of global cameras when they were live, a video player and additional features including featured clips/documentaries, playbacks, photo galleries and social engagement elements.

Research and Discovery

In-depth research, stakeholder interviews and market analysis were conducted to identify key objectives. These insights guided development of a robust, well-tested product that was accessible and grew user engagement.

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Mark Zuckerberg discussing Explore.org at the Facebook Live launch.


Using a rapid prototyping, testing and feedback process, the design prioritized a user-friendly interface that was consistent across all platforms. Beta testing involved representatives from the Explore.org community and staff. The trial phase allowed for refinements to the user interface, feedback on potential features and the resolution of technical issues.


The launch strategy focused on leveraging Explore.org’s large community and partnerships, including Mark Zuckerberg who discussed it during his Facebook Live launch event. The app has always been free for anyone to use, helping its steady growth.


Popularity for Explore.org’s streaming apps grew quickly and their unique social marketing campaigns earn more viewers every year. Averaging a 4.3 rating, their streaming apps continue to bring joy to users, increase awareness and find their way into the headlines.


Explore.org began with great live content that needed to find a larger audience. Through thoughtful design, a robust feedback loop and constant iteration, their suite of apps now have hundreds of thousands of downloads. Entertaining users worldwide every day. In 2018, Explore.org’s app development was moved in-house.