Real world results at high levels, across many disciplines.

  • Used technology to house, feed & care for thousands of the poorest people.
  • Leading edge UI including ultra-high performance, CSS art, mobile (iOS & Android).
  • Worked with people at the highest levels in large organizations & corporations.
  • Hundreds of Millions of Dollars in revenue generated.
  • 100M+ pages websites with M+ uniques. Many apps. Many stores. All highly rated.
  • We built many online as well as bricks & mortar businesses.
  • Helped close funding, make decks
  • We have won various awards for clients.
  • We saved many people’s jobs, built their careers & influenced influencers.
  • We have built many successful & profitable sites.
  • We have worked & trained the most talented people on the planet.
  • Clients featured in most major press & popular on social media.
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