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A heritage shoe brand based in Venice, Italy that specialize in traditional Friulane slippers. Recently purchased, they wanted to update the brand, expand to more physical locations and grow their online e-commerce presence.

Work Performed

From Zero to 1, blank sheet to go-to-market.

Piedaterre mobile


Active 2020 – 2023

Piedaterre Venezia is an Italian heritage brand that makes traditional Friulane slippers. Vuild built the tech for their e-commerce business from launch, including Point of Sale integration. Piedaterre has grown rapidly since they launched and now have three physical locations in Italy.

Products and Services Delivered

  • Marketing site
  • E-commerce store with PoS
  • Graphic, visual and icon design
  • Content creation and asset selection
  • SEO Consulting
  • UI/UX

Classical Design

With a modern touch.

E-commerce screenshot
Piedaterre logo
“Amazing stuff. Very grateful for your help.”
Paul Deneve, co-owner, Piedaterre


Piedaterre on desktop


Creating a beautiful Shopify design that embraced their heritage history while highlighting the new, modern update to the products. Developing the extra features they needed to compliment their existing physical location and inventory needs.

Research and Discovery

Understanding brand identity and target audience was done through extensive interviews with stakeholders and staff. Piedaterre wanted to create a digital extension of the in-store experience, emphasizing Italian craftsmanship and personalized customer service.


Design focused on a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that reflected Piedaterre’s brand aesthetics. Displaying shoe craftsmanship using high-quality visuals and a clean, minimalist design. Their online store was configured to ensure seamless real-time synchronization of stock across all locations for inventory management. The website was also localized with language support, currency conversion and region-specific pricing for future iterations.


Their switch to the Shopify platform, rebrand and integrated inventory management system helped them to improve efficiency, organize stock and to grow more effectively. Putting them in a position to expand their brand quickly.


Piedaterre began with a beautiful heritage product, and a strong team. Through thoughtful market research, applied stakeholder feedback and simple design, they are rapidly growing into a leader of their niche slipper market.