UB Fitness

Find new ways to get fit with friends.


Active 2016 – 2018
v1.0 – v4.7

Starting with a brand & a simple website, UB Fitness grew into a robust full suite of cross-platform products designed & built to run at scale.

In 2019, UB Fitness rebranded as a b2b app platform for large organizations.

4.7 out of 5

UB Fitness screenshot iPhone
UB Fitness screenshot on iPhone

UB Fitness for web screenshot

Founded by London entrepreneurs in 2016, UB Fitness was created to make the world a fitter place by empowering people through technology.


  • Popular content: 2.8M / 1.7M / 663K / 589K
  • Over 10K uniques a day onsite
  • Large, fast growing network
  • Bug-free code
  • Hundreds of service providers
  • Large institutions


  • iOS & Android design
  • iOS & Android development
  • SaaS development
  • SEO & growth management
  • Social media
  • Ongoing maintenance

Core Products

  • Web SaaS
  • iOS & Android
  • Content acquisition
  • Growth & promotion
  • System management
  • High quality design

Extra Features

  • Multi-language
  • Playable login screen
  • Augmented Reality directions
  • Voice search
  • In-app purchase
  • Scheduling plugin
  • Crypto support

UB Fitness Apple Watch app screenshot.

“Evil no, genius yes.”

Deon Colis, Founder

Work Provided

SaaS web system (>10k listings)
Apple iPhone & iPad Apps
Apple Watch
Apple iMessage App
Google Android Apps
Facebook Messenger Chatbot
E-mail system
Content creation
Template design
Social media setup
E-mail template
Graphics/design elements
Asset acquisition/ management
Web system design
Brand/logo design & modification
Provider acquisition
Social media management
System admin
Consulting & project management
Technology training
Hosting management