VBuild Security Overview

VBuild was designed & built with security in mind. In addition to using real-world tried & tested technology, VBuild develops many internal systems & features to improve the quality of service offered*.

*This is a constantly expanding document with new information added regularly.

Built-in Security Features

VBuild comes with many industry standard security features out of the box. Using tried & tested solutions to enhance the safety, security & privacy for all users of the system. Excelling in security is difficult to achieve & requires technical as well as human solutions. VBuild is only as secure as the people using it.

Controllable Modules

VBuild’s extensive modular system allows admins, developers or managers to control the features available to users & visitors. Turn off comments, instant messaging, video support, app permissions, user profiles, specific input fields & much more. You decide what users can & can’t do.

Hosting Locations

By default VBuild is hosted around the world on our scalable Content Delivery Network (CDN) provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows for high-performance delivery with excellent reliability of service. Alongside our default hosting options, VBuild can be run on your own Content Delivery Network, Geo-specific hosting, or even self-hosted on your own servers*.

*OS, language & tech considerations apply.

Constant Upgrades

With development teams working daily across all products, VBuild constantly improves while allowing you to focus on what is best for your organization. New features, bug fixes, performance optimizations, security improvements & UI enhancements are all part of the regular update cycle.

Custom-made Plugins

VBuild has developed a range of custom-made plugins to support extra functionality within the system. These plugins are written to be simple, easy to review & regularly updated. Reducing attack vectors across the platform.

3rd Party Service Providers

VBuild supports many 3rd party service providers including; Google, Facebook, Pinterest, MailChimp, Apple & more. Many of these services can be turned on or off as modules, where security is required over feature-set.

3rd Party Service Scripts

Where possible VBuild tries not to leak data from the system. 3rd party scripts are often the cause of data leaks. VBuild uses non-identifiable share buttons rather than embedded 3rd party like buttons. So casual visitors, heavy users & administrators do not have to sacrifice their privacy. VBuild also developed an internal ad network to keep your valuable data within your organization.


Downtime results in lost value, we do our best to prevent any downtime. Our showcase white label has remained online constantly since launch with almost zero downtime to date.

Over-collecting Policy

When designing VBuild, we were conscious to limit the amount of potentially harmful data the system inherently collects. The ‘collect everything’ approach reduces security, increases cost & potential risk.


VBuild currently supports many devices & platforms with different security considerations. All systems are monitored & inspected regularly for potential threats.

User & Admin Privileges

Control the ability of users to inflict harm on your system by determining who has rights access to the features available. Manage spam, system inputs & user behavior as required.


VBuild supports e-mail with password account setup & verification, or login with social media (oAuth). VBuild can also support your internal login system.*

*Technical limitations notwithstanding.

System Administration

VBuild is built on an industry standard LAMP stack & is managed by highly experienced administrators with over 10 years of experience running consumer-facing SaaS products. All operating systems & software are kept up-to-date on a regular maintenance schedule.


VBuild backs up the entire system on an ongoing basis. Arrangements can be made for individual backup requirements.

*Different types of setup, amount of usage & growth can require different backup solutions.


Our expertly hand-crafted iOS & Android apps are regularly reviewed for quality/potential improvements. With a regular release schedule to support the latest operating system updates & newest devices.


VBuild white labels support HTTPS by default. All communications are sent securely using bidirectional encryption, to protect from man-in-the-middle attacks & eavesdropping. In addition to protecting the integrity & privacy of users, especially on open networks.


VBuild supports Cloudflare as an extra layer of protection. Please visit for more information.


VBuild uses a JSON API to interact with many supported devices & platforms. The API can be fully disabled or limited as required.

Code Vetting & Tech Review

If required, database backend or source code can be examined. Please contact your rep to discuss code issues.

Optional Security Enhancements

If you have any specific security requirements, please contact your rep for more details.


For further help on security issues, if you found a bug or would like to request new features please contact us via your rep. Overview Full list