List of AI/Machine Learning Resources

July 19th, 2019

There is no doubt about the global interest in AI/machine learning. We’ve all been watching movies about it for decades, so it comes as no surprise that there is a lot of money being thrown at the industry. Big tech is spearheading R&D, but these days anyone can educate themselves & make waves in the industry. Here is a curated selection of (mostly) free videos, lectures, papers & courses to get you started.

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  1. AI2
  2. Andrew Ng
  3. Artificial Intelligence – Topic
  4. CaltechX Learning From Data – Introductory Machine Learning
  5. Coursera Machine Learning
  6. Coursera Machine Learning Specialization
  7. Data School
  8. DeepLearning.TV
  9. EdX Artificial Intelligence Courses
  10. Elements of AI
  11. &
  12. Gareth James An Introduction to Statistical Learning
  13. Geoffrey Hinton Neural Networks for Machine Learning
  14. Georgia Tech Artificial Intelligence for Robotics–cs373
  15. Google Learning
  16. Google Machine Learning Crash Course
  17. Google TensorFlow, Keras & deep learning, Without a PhD
  18. Google Python Class
  19. Hugo Larochelle’s Neural Network Videos
  20. James McCaffrey’s Data Science Lab
  21. Justin Johnson Derivatives, Backpropagation & Vectorization
  22. Kahn Academy Differential Calculus
  23. Larry Wasserman All of Statistics: A Concise Course in Statistical Inference
  24. Larry Wasserman Statistical Methods for Machine Learning
  25. Learning Machines 101
  26. Linear Digressions
  27. Machine Learning at Berkeley
  28. Machine Learning for Kids
  29. Machine Learning Guide
  30. Machine Learning Recipes with Josh Gordon
  31. Machine Learning TV
  32. Mathmaticalmonk Machine Learning
  33. Michael Nielson Neural Networks & Deep Learning
  34. Microsoft Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence
  35. MIT Artificial Intelligence Class
  36. MIT DeepLearning Book
  37. MIT Introduction to Probability & Statistics
  38. MIT Linear Algebra
  39. Oxford Deep NLP
  40. Peter Norvig Paradigms of Artificial Intelligence Programming
  41. Quora Artificial General Intelligence
  42. Quora Artificial Intelligence
  43. Quora Classification Machine Learning
  44. Quora Deep Learning
  45. Quora Machine Learning
  46. Quora Natural Language Processing
  47. Reddit Artificial
  48. Reddit Data Science
  49. Reddit Learn Machine Learning
  50. Reddit Machine Learning
  51. Reddit ML Class
  52. Reddit ML Papers
  53. Reddit ML Questions
  54. Reddit Language Technology
  55. Reddit Robotics
  56. Sentdex
  57. Siraj Raval
  58. Stanford CS231n: Convolutional Neural Networks for Visual Recognition
  59. Stanford CS224n — Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
  60. Talking Machines
  61. TensorFlow Neural Network Playground
  62. The AI Podcast
  63. This Week in Machine Learning & AI
  64. Two Minute Papers
  65. Udacity Intro to TensorFlow for Deep Learning–ud187
  66. Udacity Intro to Machine Learning–ud120
  67. Understanding Machine Learning: From Theory to Algorithms
  68. Zed Shaw Learn Python 3 the Hard Way
Let us know if we missed your favorite place to educate yourself about AI/machine learning. Also be sure to check out a list of AI/machine learning events & a bunch of useful AI/machine learning tools.
This data is from Vuild’s list of AI/machine learning education. Please visit for more.

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