List of Blockchain Domain Registrars

July 18th, 2019

As blockchain technology begins to seep into the mainstream, it comes as no surprise that it could be useful (in theory anyway) for registering & securing domains. This list is still in it’s infancy, so we’ve also included a section with registrars that accept cryptocurrency payments (mostly Bitcoin) of some sort (even though they aren’t necessarily using blockchain technology).

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  1. Chains Registry
  3. ENS
  4. IT Itch
  5. Luxe
  6. Namebase
  7. PeerName
  8. Unstoppable Domains
  9. ZeroNet

Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

  2. Directnic
  3. Domains 4 Bitcoins
  4. Epik
  6. HawkHost
  7. Hostinger
  8. Hostwinds
  9. HostSailor
  10. Monovm
  11. Namecheap
  12. NameSilo
  13. Netcetera
  14. NiceNIC.NET
  15. Njalla
  16. Porkbun
  17. SteadyTurtle
Let us know if we missed your favorite blockchain domain registrars.
This data is from Vuild’s blockchain domain registrars list. Please visit for more.

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