Discontinued Mobile Operating Systems

July 15th, 2019

Mobile operating systems have been around since long before most people knew what a mobile operating system was. So there has been plenty of time for some of the big names to hit peak heights & then burn (or fizzle) out. Currently there is a giant list of mobile operating systems which are actually useful. This is where they come to die.

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  1. Access Linux Platform
  2. Bada OS
  3. BlackBerry 10
  4. Boot to Gecko
  5. CyanogenMod
  6. Cyanogen OS
  7. DangerOS
  8. EPOC
  9. Firefox OS
  10. LiMo 4
  11. Magic Cap
  12. MeeGo
  13. Moblin
  14. MotoMagx
  15. Newton OS
  16. Nokia S40
  17. Nokia Asha
  18. Openmoko Linux
  19. OpenZaurus
  20. Palm OS
  21. PenPoint OS
  22. Qt Extended
  23. Samsung Experience
  24. Symbian OS
  25. Windows Mobile OS
  26. Windows Phone OS
  27. Windows RT
Let us know if we missed any dead mobile operating systems.
This data is from Vuild’s discontinued mobile operating systems list. Please visit vuild.com for more.

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