List of Variable Fonts

July 19th, 2019

OpenType variable fonts were introduced in 2016 as an extension to the OpenType specification. Technically they allow a single font file to store a continuous range of design variants. Being able to make your words literally come to life is quite the novelty & when used properly it’s bound to get attention.

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  1. 1001 Fonts
  2. Agrandir
  3. Axis-Praxis
  4. Clother
  5. Compressa
  6. Creative Market
  7. Dinamo Pipeline
  8. DSType Foundry
  9. ETC Trispace
  10. Fit
  11. Fonts Arena
  12. FontSpace
  13. Gingham
  14. Grafier
  15. Handjet
  16. Innschbruck
  17. Inter
  18. Jabin
  19. Jost
  20. Lab DJR Font
  21. Marvin
  22. Movement
  23. Secuela
  24. Spezia
  25. TINY
  26. Variable Fonts
  27. @variablefonts on Twitter
  28. Venn
  29. Very Able Fonts
  30. Vinila
Let us know if we missed your favorite variable font (they are not easy to find).
This data is from Vuild’s variable font list. Please visit for more.

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