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May 11th, 2019

Let’s be clear, old tech is decrepit. Mostly always was, the new tech you need to focus on is tech you can trust, from people you trust. Trust violations are hard to recover from if accidental. But on purpose at scale & doubling down? Oh. We have your data like you have ours. Small data has big meanings often. Let’s see. For now, the new focus of the ones that are the ones;

  • Decentralization
  • Blockchain
  • Indieweb
  • Brave & private browsing
  • Unbreakable payments
  • Blackout net. No access for the hounds
  • Permission & control
  • Trajectory, governance & management
  • Declarations, petitions & new communities

Cleaning House & Moving Time

The people who move at the right time have all moved. The shells are doing what they always do. If you want to be in the next, have fun & enjoy it again you should be jumping in with the new. Lists & detailed info coming soon, we will knock out a few power drones with their horrible ratios, bad advice & gate-kept signals.

Start Here

Take a look at these links for now & learn what’s up. Don’t worry, we are already scouring for the best stuff & it will be right here for a long time. Who cares about exposure & SERPs right now, the numbers are in risking yours for others. That is where it is at.


These tools are driven by the leaders who have led before. They know who, why & what. People who know, know they know & follow the right things. More shortly, right here. If you know good sources, let us know. We only ‘shill’ for clients & try to be accurate. If we think something is good, we will say so. These things are good in principle, from outset. That’s the good we like, not the ‘candy-floss comms’ pushed by warped props.

* Led by new, but seemingly good people & taking things in good directions.

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