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July 13th, 2019
Make forms & surveys for your users or followers easily with Typeform, an online service that allows you to connect with your audience in different ways. Their free account allows for 100 responses a month & 10 questions per Typeform. Enough to give it a try & see if it works for you. #Coolweb #Marketing

Headline Analyzer

June 26th, 2019
Learn how your titles can influence readers with this useful (& free) headline analyzer. The tool allows users to determine the emotional marketing value of their words. Simply paste in a title (less than 20 words please), select the subject category & it will provide an EMV score. (Doesn’t work in Safari). #Writing #Marketing


June 17th, 2019
Allow various members of your team to easily manage group emails (like contact@ or team@), respond to social posts/texts/chats & keep each other updated (+ lots more) all in the same place. They offer a free trial, no credit card required. #Marketing
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