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July 16th, 2019
Every piece of writing should ideally be edited by another set of eyes, but that isn’t always an option. When you can’t get an editor, try the PaperRater. A free online tool which checks your grammar, spelling & ensures that no one has written your eloquent words before. #Writing


June 27th, 2019
These days almost everyone needs to know how to type. Luckily Typing.com features a variety of resources that can help anyone learn how. Whether you are a teacher, a student or just want to learn better keyboard skills you can sign up & learn for free. #Writing

Headline Analyzer

June 26th, 2019
Learn how your titles can influence readers with this useful (& free) headline analyzer. The tool allows users to determine the emotional marketing value of their words. Simply paste in a title (less than 20 words please), select the subject category & it will provide an EMV score. (Doesn’t work in Safari). #Writing #Marketing