"I love the TV app."
C. Annenberg,
"The first CSS cartoonist?"
"My favourite, Hulk."
A. Clarke, Stuff & Nonsense.Expert
"The God of the Internet."
M. Hansen, Megalytic/MIT/NYT.Client
"This is a thing of beauty."
S. Ringleman. Code Journey. Expert
"Evil no, genius yes."
D. Colis, UB Fitness.Client
"Very happy with the results."
A. Radly, Entrepreneur/Philanthropist.Client
"Yikes! You are good!"
T. Selznick, MSA.Client
"I love u so hard."
O. Martinez, Uriginal. Client
"Extremely professional."
J. Sanders. Fujitsu. Client
"Vamos a la playa."
Kenor. Artist. Client
"Really useful. Thanks."
Early Google HoD. Client
"You are truly amazing."
J. Newman. Reporter. Client
"Exactly what I wanted."
P. Flynn. North East Suites. Client
"You blow me away."
S. Grey. Fine Touch. Client
"You’re awesome. Thx."
R. Rippenberger. Filmmaker. Client
"You are always right, General."
K. Choi. Amazon/Megalytic. Expert
"You saved my career."
Dr G. Surgeon Client
"Let's eat Korean."
Irene Lopez. Artist. Client
"That looks perfect."
Adobe/Edelman. Client
"Nice one, thanks."
O. Boldeneye. MTDSTRT. Client
"Will you speak at?"
Various. No. Conferences

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