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"I love the TV app."
C. Annenberg,
"You're my fn hero."
Dr. L. Sanger, Founder
"The first CSS cartoonist?"
"My favourite, Hulk."
A. Clarke, Stuff & Nonsense.Expert
"The God of the Internet."
M. Hansen, Megalytic/MIT/NYT.Client
"Sources say"
S. Jobs, Apple.True story
"Evil no, genius yes."
D. Colis, UB Fitness.Client
"Very happy with the results."
A. Radly, Entrepreneur/Philanthropist.Client
"Yikes! You are good!"
T. Selznick, MSA.Client
"I love u so hard."
O. Martinez, Uriginal. Client
"Vamos a la playa."
Kenor. Artist. Client
"Really useful. Thanks."
Early Google Dept. Head. Client
"You are truly amazing."
A. Newman. Reporter. Client
"You’re awesome. Thx."
R. Rippenberger. Filmmaker. Client
"You are always right, General."
K. Choi. Amazon/Megalytic. Expert
"Love it."
Irene Lopez. Artist. Client
"That looks perfect."
Adobe/Edelman. Client

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