Create Something That Enhances Your Brand

The VBuild’s customizable system enables businesses to seamlessly integrate with their existing brand & technology.

Customizable Design

The VBuild white label is a highly customizable system, enabling you to create something that reflects your brand & ethos. Add a company logo, branding, color scheme or fonts & the vBuild system will do the customization for you. This allows for seamless integration with almost any existing technology.


The system can be set to use the language of many regions & we are constantly adding more. Reach your customers wherever they are & speak to them in their own language.


Profiles can be further customized individually. Users can create profiles with a bio, url, custom background image & avatar. By default, profiles are enabled to create & interact with listings, as well as other users. The system also features a variety of profile privilege controls, allowing for different levels of security & privacy needs.


System iPhone/Android apps feature additional customization. Use your own colors, branding & logo to create a custom splash screen. Also featuring our clever launch game on the start screen, which can easily be toggled on or off. Overview Full list