Profiles for All Types of Users

Beautiful customizable profiles provide a social element to the VBuild system. Customizable by users & editable by admin via modules.

User Profiles

Customizable profiles are a social, interactive element of the system. Users can create profiles with a bio, url, custom background image & avatar. By default they are enabled to interact with other profiles & listings in a variety of ways.


Profile settings are available on an individual level, enabling users to manage their username, name/surname, nickname, e-mail, url, bio, background image, avatar & notifications.

Privilege Controls

Featuring a variety of different profile privilege controls editable in the admin interface, ranging from full admin access to read-only (with no ability to interact on the system). Providing your business very specific modular security & privacy options for your users.

Modular Control

All profiles in the system can be customized by administration users via VBuild feature modules. This enables varying degrees of interaction & utilization within the system, from notifications to social login. Overview Full list