Privilege controls

Stay as Secure as You Need To

Profile privilege controls allow for a great deal of flexibility. Control exactly what users can & can’t see, while keeping sensitive data secure.

Privilege Controls

The VBuild system is highly customizable & features a variety of modules to suit your business. The admin interface allows administrative users to manage the system, users & content. Varying levels of privileges can be assigned to individual users, allowing for degrees of interaction with the system. This provides a number of additional security & privacy options.

    Privilege Levels

  • Admin – full control of all aspects of the system.
  • Editor – can publish content, upload files & manage the content of other users.
  • Author – can publish content & upload files to the system.
  • Contributor – can write content, but cannot publish or upload files to the system.
  • Subscriber – may only interact with public parts of the system. They cannot add listings, but can view & interact with them or other profiles.
  • Reader – may only read publicly posted content, but have no ability to interact with the system.
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